Applications Due January 26, 2018. 

“We continue to be inspired by the depth and breadth of work produced by our industry’s next generation of design leaders.”

Dave Howerton, Chairman


In 2006, Hart Howerton began an educational initiative to provide a select number of Fellowship positions for students at design schools. Each summer, Fellowships allow the firm to employ students in planning, architecture and/or landscape architecture internships in our New York or San Francisco offices. The Fellowship also provides funded travel for research on a topic the Fellow selects.

As a result of the Fellowships, Fellows have graduated with the added advantages of professional office experience, collaborative interdisciplinary design, and worldwide travel and research. The benefit to Hart Howerton has been tremendous – the energy, enthusiasm and input of new designers is laying a foundation for the next generation of design thinking.

Structure & Schedule

The Fellows typically arrive in the firm’s offices in late May or early June. Each Fellow is assigned a team that provides guidance and feedback over the summer. The Fellows spend the first 3-5 weeks in a professional internship, working as part of a Hart Howerton project team, while finalizing the focus and arrangements for their travel study. Fellows then travel to pursue their self-defined, approved topic. Following the travel period, Fellows return to our offices to complete their professional internship and prepare a final “report,” which is presented to the firm.

Each Fellowship Includes

Round trip travel to SF or NY at start/end of the program

$5,000 to cover travel expenses during the 3-week travel period

$2,500 for housing assistance in New York or San Francisco during the 8-week Fellowship

$10,000 salary during the 11-week Fellowship

Past Recipients

Since 2006, Hart Howerton has sponsored an educational initiative providing Fellowship positions, laying a foundation for the next generation of design thinking. Past recipients of the Fellowship have traveled to Europe and the United Kingdom, Thailand, China, Africa, and throughout the United States to study urban food networks, green roof applications, and coastal programming strategies, among other topics.

As an example, Michael Murphy, founder of MASS Design Group, advanced his thinking about the role of design in Sub-Saharan health care programs as a Hart Howerton Fellow.  (Michael Murphy: Architecture that’s built to heal | TED Talk |


Portia Malik

University of Pennsylvania, Master of Architecture Candidate

Portia traveled to Scandinavia and the West Coast of the United States, where she explored the emerging agricultural practice of “vertical farming.” Aligning with Hart Howerton’s Healthy Living Initiative, she researched ways of how highly efficient farming could be integrated within individual buildings to produce food that is local, organic and from a wise use of natural resources.


Molly Taylor

University of Oregon, Master of Architecture Candidate

By studying new techniques of timber construction for larger buildings, Molly’s research took her to Austria and Germany, the birthplace of contemporary mass timber technologies. She researched costs, psychological effect, and the role of materials technology choices in the context of improving both wellness and return on investment.


Portia Malik, University of Pennsylvania

Molly Taylor, University of Oregon


Lucas Boyd, Yale University

Ekaterina Dovjenko, University of Toronto


Xiao Wu, Yale University

Daphne Binder, Yale University


Daniel Toole, Harvard University

Baha Sadreddin, Harvard University


Tue Pham, University of Texas

Blake Hudelson, California College of the Arts


David Glick, Harvard University


Michelle Miller, Harvard University


Alice Phillips, University of California, Berkeley

Brandon Hall, Washington University


Maggie Hansen, University of Virginia

Emily Vogler, University of Pennsylvania


Stephen Balut, University of Texas

Christina Glasgow, University of Cincinnati

Rebecca Fuchs, University of Pennsylvania

Sara Lu, Harvard University

Zakery Snider, Yale University

Heather Woodworth, University of Virginia

Mary Nunn, Pennsylvania State University


Marlo Dowell, University of Washington

Mark Phemister, University of Virginia

Michael Murphy, Harvard University

Christoforos Romanos, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Wendy Fok, Princeton University

Francesca Hernandez, Ball State University


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