One Night in a Five-Star Resort at the Center of Big Sky’s Transformation

An up-close look at what major development has meant for the formerly sleepy Montana mountain community.

One of the most touted new properties in Big Sky is the aptly named Montage Big Sky, part of the newer offerings from luxury hotel management brand Montage International. Opened in 2021, the hotel is spotless, and on several “Where to Stay in Yellowstone” lists featuring high-end properties. So after receiving a press release about the property, and realizing I would be in the area during my fall road trip, I reached out to the team to see if I could arrange a stay to see what, exactly, was going on in Big Sky. My couple days there gave me a quiet, up-close look at what major development has meant for this formerly sleepy town.

Indeed, this town, and mountain, are fully in the midst of a massive development project, a process intended to be completed in 2025. The view out of the front of the hotel is of the residential, purchasable apartments being built up (the Montage is part hotel, part luxury residences; the residences cost between $1.5 and 2.5 million). Everything is brand new—the roads newly paved, the vacation houses you drive past look like they just sprang out of the ground.

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