Inns of Aurora planning next hotel project

LEDYARD — The Inns of Aurora is planning its next major project, and it’s located on the same property as the luxury hospitality company’s last one.

The company plans to open a hotel inside a three-story, 6,000-square-foot farmhouse on the same property as its newly opened Spa at the Inns of Aurora. Corey Guerrette, the company’s director of facilities, presented an update on the project to the town’s planning board March 8. He told the board a site plan with final design concepts should be ready for its review in a month or two.

The farmhouse is located at 700 Sherwood Road, the same 265-acre property where the spa opened in June 2021. The brick structure is closer to the rural road than the new facility. Guerrette told The Citizen he has seen conflicting information about the year the farmhouse was built, which has been recorded as anywhere from the early 1800s to the 1870s. It was last used about 20 years ago.

Since the hotel’s design is still underway — with Hart Howerton, the same architect as the spa — other details of the project have yet to be determined. Those details include the look of the addition, which board members expressed hope would match the character of the farmhouse. Guerrette said the architect is also still determining the placement of common areas and the hotel’s innkeeper.

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