I Played The Best ‘New’ Golf Course in America. Here’s Why It Should Be On YOUR ‘Must Play’ List

Mike Harris visits Cabot Citrus Farms in Florida to tee it up at the latest creation from Cabot, golf’s hottest development group

Florida has long been a ‘go-to’ destination for US and international golfers. The combination of year-round good weather and over 1,200 courses across the state – the majority of which are public access – is a compelling one. However, if there’s a negative to golf in Florida it’s the fact that the majority of layouts look and play the same.

Courses tend to be either wide open and lacking in visual stimulation, or heavily tree lined and a little claustrophobic. Fairways are usually over-watered with little or no run on offer. Amorphous, highly manicured bunkers line fairways and surround greens and present little in the way of a strategic challenge to escape them. Expansive water hazards (sometimes on both sides of the fairways and greens) intimidate and penalize golfers. Greens are vast but often have little in the way of interesting movement. Target golf at its ‘finest’.

You can now add Cabot Citrus Farms to the list of Florida destinations that offer something refreshingly different.

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