Golf’s 10 best entrances, ranked

 What makes a great golf course entrance? Go ahead, scoff now if you must. It might feel like a meaningless and superficial detail, but when done right, a proper entrance immerses you in the new world you’ve entered and builds anticipation of the course you’ll soon experience. It’s an appetizer that every great golf course has, but where are the very best entrances in the game?

The Santa Lucia Preserve Golf Club

The drive into The Preserve Golf Club in Carmel, Calif., is perhaps the most unique in golf. Once you enter through the main gate, you’ve got nine miles until you reach the clubhouse. The drive traverses rolling terrain and passes through towering redwoods and mossy oak groves. Keep an eye out for deer, coyote and quail, which frequent the surrounding hills. From a strictly aesthetic standpoint, the entrance at the Santa Lucia Preserve in Carmel, Calif., is tough to beat. The length and beauty make this entrance one of the most unique in golf.

Panelist review: “The drive is miles and miles through a nature preserve. You drive 30 minutes from the guardhouse straight up a mountain, which is certainly something I’ve never seen before. No houses. No cell service. Just pristine forest.”

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