Golf Digest names the greatest clubhouses in America for the first time

A clubhouse is a three-dimensional space that is the sum of the locker rooms, the bar, the dining rooms, and more. And it exudes a certain character through its architectural forms. We asked our 1,700+ course-ranking panelists to evaluate the greatness of golf’s best clubhouses on a 1-10 scale.

We instructed our panelists to disregard the club’s history and membership. The feeling of the entrance, the flow of human traffic, and the utility of each square foot are important considerations, but when you get down to it, the only question is: “How much does the clubhouse make me want to spend time here?”

Whether you prefer the history and character of golf’s earliest clubhouses or the grandeur and amenities of the newest, a thoughtfully designed clubhouse creates a lasting impression. For the first time, Golf Digest has determined America’s Greatest Clubhouses.

Congaree, Ridgeland, S.C.
Set on a former South Carolina plantation, the clubhouse—members call it the lodge—was designed by Jeff Harbinson with Georgian features and barn aesthetics to make it blend with existing architecture, or, as director of golf Bruce Davidson says, “to make it look like it had always been there.”

Snake River Sporting Club, Jackson, Wyo.
The Hart Howerton-designed clubhouse fits into its Jackson Hole surroundings, a stone-and-timber lodge with wood-burning fireplaces and expansive views.

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