Cabot Saint Lucia: New Luxury Golf Resort Coming to the Caribbean

It’s no wonder the French and British spent centuries fighting over Saint Lucia. The mountainous Caribbean island has all the natural splendor of an Avatar fever dream. Lush rainforest blankets the Pitons, two mountainous volcanic spires that stretch above warm-water beaches; small fishing villages dot the coastline; and a series of dramatic waterfalls and coastal mangroves are ripe for exploration. The island’s newest draw, Cabot Saint Lucia, capitalizes on this natural beauty in a clever way.

The island already boasts a host of luxury resorts. However, Cabot Saint Lucia, will be in a league of its own.

Introducing Cabot Saint Lucia

The second resort from the Cabot brand is located on the northern tip of the island on Point Hardy. The location is a 375-acre peninsula that includes 1.5 miles of coastline and multiple picturesque bays. The new development includes a residential community with world-class amenities and luxury accommodations for guests surrounding a gorgeous 18-hole golf course designed by the legendary Coore & Crenshaw team, their first in the Caribbean.

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