A 21-Hole Golf Course? Cabot Citrus Farms Unveils Plans For Unique Third Layout

An early look at Cabot Citrus Farms’ Cabot Barrens Course in Florida, which is the renovated World Woods Pine Barrens layout (Courtesy of Cabot Collection)

Cabot has found a unique way to make its first U.S. property stand out, even in the best-supplied golf state in the nation: a 21-hole course.

The unprecedented course concept at Cabot Citrus Farms in Central West Florida is appropriately named “The 21” and will feature a diverse mix of holes ranging from 85 to 560 yards

While Cabot Citrus Farms has two existing 18-hole courses that are being renovated, The 21 is an entirely new layout designed by golf architect Mike Nuzzo, who was given leeway to fit as many great holes as possible into a 100-acre parcel of the 1,200-acre property. Initially, the plan was for two extra courses of 10 and 11 holes, respectively. And while that’s still true in some respects, Cabot co-founders Ben Cowan-Dewar and Mike Keiser decided to combine the two into the new 21-hole concept after taking a closer look at the overall property.

“We always want to keep the game fresh and exciting,” said Cowan-Dewar, Cabot’s CEO. “The 21’s layout beckons golf aficionados who just can’t get enough of the rolling greens in the Floridian countryside.”

Cabot Citrus Farms is also a residential community and, in addition to its progress on the golf side, is launching sales for its collection of 36 two- and four-bedroom cottages in February. Some cottages will be situated along the golf courses, while others front the main street of a community that will also feature retail, restaurants, fitness and spa amenities, communal gathering spots and a farmer’s market.

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