Santa Lucia Preserve

Santa Lucia Preserve

Carmel, California

The design of the 20,000-acre Santa Lucia Preserve in the hills above Carmel-by-the-Sea is based on the belief that the property’s intrinsic value lies in the site’s natural beauty, vastness, and richness of its landscape. The master plan for this legacy property grew directly from one of the most exhaustive site environmental analysis ever undertaken by a private landowner and from an intensive public review.

By integrating a small community of no more than 350 families into its 20,000 acres, the Preserve balances economic viability, environmental preservation and freedom of personal choices. Through our leadership in all phases of designing the Santa Lucia Preserve, we helped create an exclusive community that is committed to the stewardship of the landscape.

The Santa Lucia Preserve is a vital California landscape that, developed and managed as a whole, leads the way for successful land-use planning and conservation in the 21st Century.

– Martin J. Rosen, Former President, The Trust for Public Land 

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One of the largest private land holdings in coastal California, the Santa Lucia Preserve is one and one-half times the area of Manhattan Island. Man-made elements comprise just 2,000 acres, or 10 percent, of the Preserve, none of which compromises its ecological vitality. The Santa Lucia Conservancy protects and manages the remaining 18,000 acres for wildlife habitat, recreation, grazing, and environmental research.


We detailed and guided the restoration of the 1920s grand Spanish Colonial Hacienda as the heart of the new Santa Lucia Preserve, where members of the community gather and entertain. Eleven guest rooms were revived in the authentic, elegant style of hospitality in which it was built. The Hacienda’s patio defines California outdoor living. Iron gates and grill work were adopted from historic designs.


The design of the Clubhouse for the Preserve Golf Club was based on a carefully considered program for its style, spaces and operations that, together, would blend the best traditions of Golf with the legacy of great old California ranch hospitality. The architecture of the Club suggests an older settlement that grew over time and may have had an earlier ranching purpose that was “adapted” to Golf. The building was conceived as if it could have evolved with distinctive additions made by successive generations of a family, each based on the rich architectural traditions of California’s Monterey Coast.

Private Residences

The Santa Lucia Preserve offers 350 families a rural way-of-life. As in the rural past, the houses are located on suitable residential sites, individually selected to preserve valuable and scenic natural resources and located within a vast, protected open space.

Equestrian Center

Located near the historic center, the Equestrian Center provides a 16-stall barn, tack rooms, paddocks, open pastures and a training arena. Over 100 miles of trails leave and return to this area.

Santa Lucia Preserve

Through our leadership in all phases of designing Santa Lucia Preserve, we have helped create an exclusive community that is committed to the stewardship of the landscape.

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