How we work

We partner with our clients — becoming a part of their development team — to understand their vision, business objectives, and market opportunities. We consider market, financial, political and historical conditions as a way to guide a project’s design. We combine the broad experience and technical depth of a large international firm with the kind of direct, active, personal service usually found only in smaller firms.

We seek out the best local partners and experts to form teams that can effectively execute a project vision. And, we stay with a project from conceptualization to completion and beyond, while a new environment develops and a new community takes shape.

Our Philosophy

Long-Term Outlook

We help clients manage land as an asset that increases in value over many years.

Inter-disciplinary practice

We combine planning, architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design into a single profession— Designing Complete EnvironmentsTM.

Significant legacy

We have had the opportunity to design prominent world-class places that have become a significant legacy in their communities.

Market-driven solutions

We create lasting environments that have a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Environmentally responsive development

We are leaders in identifying creative and successful ways to combine resource conservation and development.

Healthy Living

With the University of Virginia Center for Design and Health, we have formed a unique partnership combining our nearly five decades of Designing Complete EnvironmentsTM with UVA’s research into effective environments for human health and well-being. Our collaboration is committed to identifying sustainable principles for community and neighborhood design that embody the tenets of wellness and healthy lifestyles.

We combine planning, architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design as a single professional service to design complete environments that steward natural resources, enhance value for clients, and create communities that endure over time.

We’ve worked on some of the world’s great places.

Contact Us

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